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Volume flow controllers

Volumenstromregler variabel

Product description – variable volume flow controller PVSR

Variable volume flow systems can be used to establish compliance with the requirements for an economic and energy-efficient operation, in particular by the new type of demand-driven fan control via the VAV flap position in connection with drives of the MP bus system generation.

Every zone, every room of an object receives exactly the airflow that is necessary for complying with the criteria currently required to supply the outdoor air and discharge the pollutants, depending on the requirements. The room temperature, the air quality, or a combination of both define the airflow required.

The design complies with the hygiene requirements in accordance with the specifications laid down by VDI 6022, Blatt 1 (01/2018), DIN 1946, Teil 4 (09/2018), SWKI VA104-01 (01/2019), ÖNORM H 6020 (06/2019), ÖNORM H 6021 (08/2016) and ÖNORM H 6038 (02/2020) complying with hygiene evaluations carried out correspondingly.

Product description - EVB

Plug-in flow rate controllers EVB volume flow controllers are mechanical controllers without auxiliary power to ensure the stable, continuous delivery of volume flows in ventilation and air conditioning systems. Irrespective of the pressure, they regulate volume flows to setpoints that have been previously adjusted to fixed values and maintain them at a constant level.

EVB volume flow controllers can be used in any installation position in ventilation pipework; for example in spiral ducts.

The design complies with the hygiene specifications laid down in the provisions of VDI 6022–1, VDI 3803–1, DIN 1946–4, DIN EN 13779, SWKI VA104–01, SWKI 99–3, ÖNORM H6020 and ÖNORM H6021.