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The novel class of school ventilation

PICHLER school ventilation: first-class air quality & system diversity

Pupils and teachers spend a lot of time at school. Good room air conditions are a basic prerequisite for good learning results. Pupils are impaired by poor air quality, often even after a short time, but at the latest in the third period. This has a substantial impact on the pupils’ learning efficiency and concentration.

PICHLER school ventilation systems provide for an excellent learning comfort, a healthy room climate and maximum energy efficiency.

Productivity and learning comfort

The air quality in classrooms is of particular importance: If the air is fresh and clean, this has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate and on the productivity and well-being of pupils and teachers.
A key indicator for good air is its CO2 content, for which a limit value of 1000 ppm is not to be exceeded. How can you to manage to stay below this limit value in classrooms? You can either open the windows every 20–30 minutes and ventilate the room intensively, or you ventilate the room fully automatically – by using our PICHLER school ventilation systems.

Healthy air with PICHLER SchoolComfort

Our energy-saving school ventilation systems have been designed to provide for a consistently high air quality in all rooms.
In addition to excess CO2, germs, humidity as well as odorous substances and pollutants are discharged from the rooms together with the extract air. For one thing, this prevents direct health issues like for example headaches, and secondly, these systems make a substantial contribution to provide infection protection by effectively reducing the concentration of virus-carrying aerosols, bacteria, spores, etc. in the air.
The result is a healthy and comfortable room climate without a draft under hygienically perfect conditions.

Maximum energy efficiency

Avoiding energy losses: The largest part of the energy is consumed for keeping the rooms warm. Ventilation plays a central role in this process. Controlled aeration and ventilation with heat recovery can combine energy efficiency
and a high air quality. 

System diversity with PICHLER SchoolComfort

The principle is simple: used air out - fresh, filtered air in

The classrooms, work and common rooms as well as gyms are supplied with fresh, processed and pure air through an air duct system and air ducts. Highly efficient heat exchangers help us recover the heat from the extract air in an energy- and cost-saving fashion. The wet areas are optimally dehumidified. Ventilation systems have to meet a variety of quality requirements: Operational reliability, efficiency, acoustics, design, etc. When we test our systems, we expose them to extreme conditions. Because we only accept the best products.

The design of a comfort ventilation system for schools depends on many factors

  • Number of pupils and the time span for which pupils,
    teachers and employees stay in the school in the course of one year
  • Architecture and layout of the building
  • Functions of the individual rooms in the daily routine
  • Individual objectives of the school operators
  • Standards and guidelines

The right solution for every educational institution

Individual solutions: As a specialised provider for comfort ventilations, we provide the individually tailored ventilation technology solution for every educational institution. We have the perfect ventilation technology solution for every application and every building size: from the small-scaled nursery school to the university campus, including multi-storey school buildings.
Our complete systems are used for both new construction and renovation.


Centralized or decentralized school ventilation


Controlled aeration and ventilation of a school is effected through a ventilation unit that is installed in a
central engineering room. From this room, the air duct system is installed including accessories such as volume flow controllers, swirl outlets and sound absorbers.


Each classroom is supplied with fresh air via the air duct system by an individual
ventilation unit. We have the perfect ventilation technology solution for every application. The ventilation unit can be installed as wall, ceiling or corner solution with matching accessories, e.g. Uno-Duct pipes, Uno-S pipes and deflection sound absorbers

Send us a request for the complete system.

Operating and installation instructions