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Air Distribution Systems


Product description SYSTEM KOMFLEX® round & oval

  • The round KomFlex® pipe  with its outer diameter of 75 mm or 90 mm is suitable for the use as a flexible supply and exhaust air pipe in centralized systems for controlled domestic ventilation.
  • Fire behaviour classification in accordance with ÖNORM EN 13501-1 dated 09/11/2009, which corresponds to ÖNORM B 3800-1 Class B2 and DIN 4102 - B2.


  • The oval ventilation pipe 132 x 52 mm is used as a flexible supply and exhaust air pipe in buildings for controlled domestic ventilation. 


The design complies with the hygiene requirements in accordance with the specifications laid down by VDI 6022, Sheet 1 (07/2011), SWKI VA104-01 (04/2006), ÖNORM H 6021 (08/2016), ÖNORM H 6038 (02/2014) dated 10/10/2016 complying with hygiene evaluations carried out correspondingly.

Product description mini-ducts

  • If, for structural reasons, only very low installation heights are available for the air duct system, you can switch to a flat duct system of galvanized steel sheet (height = 50 mm).
    • Flat duct
    • Duct and moulded parts truss
    • End cover for duct and moulded parts
    • Bends standing and flat
    • T-pieces standing and flat and TV splitters
    • Duct pieces with spigot
    • Junctions square/square
    • Junctions square/round
    • Flat sound absorbers

Product description flexible air ducts

Wide range of flexible ventilation pipes. Optionally insulated, perforated in the interior. Made of aluminium or plastic.