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Merkur Campus, Graz Fotocredit: © Zechner & Zechner ZT GmbH, Rendering: Isochrom | SelfSightSeeing Company / PixLab Studios

Merkur Campus, Graz

The Merkur Campus is a new, modern office building in Graz that embodies the Merkur concept of precautionary thinking. The energy-saving ventilation concept is based on various components from the PICHLER product range, ensuring pleasant air and more comfort in the office spaces. more »

Comfort ventilation

Low-energy house, Carinthia

Low-energy house, Carinthia

In 2018 the first phase of the innovative construction project was completed, the centrepiece of the low-energy house being the compact heat pump combi unit PKOM4 from Austrian research and production. The next expansion level of the construction project towards an even more energy-efficient overall system is therefore already being planned. more »

Single Family House, Slovenia Fotocredit: PLUT

Single Family House, Slovenia

The 400 square meter family home relies on the ventilation system from PICHLER. The centerpiece is in the building services room with two compact ventilation units LG 250A / LG 500 and an air humidification unit LBE 500. From there, the ventilation units supply all rooms with the necessary fresh air via KomFlex pipes® and at the same time remove odors and pollutants. more »

Sunney Alley, Czech Republic Fotocredit: BUBA VISION s.r.o.

Sunney Alley, Czech Republic

The aim of the „Sunny Alley“ project from BUBA VISION was to build family houses that are energy efficient in terms of operating costs and also user friendly in terms of the environment, control and management of technologies in the house. PICHLER PKOM4 units were involved in the houses by Evora CZ. more »

SMARTments, Graz Fotocredit: Multidimensional Design | GBI Holding AG

SMARTments, Graz

The student residence SMARTments student was completed in spring 2020 with187 units. The cleverly furnished apartments, specially tailored to the needs of young students and trainees, are located in the heart of the lively city centre of Graz. The central ventilation units and components designed by PICHLER supply the apartments with fresh and filtered air from the outside and ensure the hygienic exchange of air. more »

Passive house, Czech Republic Fotocredit: Evora CZ s.r.o.

Passive house, Czech Republic

Although it doesn‘t look like it, this single-family house is a new building. The passive house of aerated concrete seems to have been standing in this region for a hundred years, and yet this newly constructed classical building is the core element of modern spirit more »

Single Family House, Slovakia Fotocredit: Createrra s.r.o.

Single Family House, Slovakia

Whether Passive House, EnerPHit or Near Zero Energy Building – ventilation of the living quarters is deemed essential and at the core of single family house design. Extension of the functionalities of a ventilation unit to include heating, cooling and hot water supply is a natural consequence! more »

Florasdorf, Vienna Fotocredit: Freimüller Söllinger Architektur 2018 Foto: a.ehrenreich

Florasdorf, Vienna

The development of the new Florasdorf district combines the old and new under the theme „city meets village“. The project „Florasdorf am Anger“ includes a diverse range of living spaces that offer the right housing for every family and life situation.

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Apartmenthaus Traungasse 12, Vienna Fotocredit: | BWM Architekten und Partner

Apartmenthaus Traungasse 12, Vienna

Just south-east of the centre of Vienna, surrounded by green spaces and historic buildings, the Apartmenthaus am Belvedere offers the highest quality of life. The former commercial building has been completely redesigned and planned to the highest standards. A pressure ventilation system from PICHLER, which optimally adapts to the setting and underscore the aesthetics of the architecture, was a natural choice.

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Lux Tower, Linz Fotocredit: City Wohnbau Letzbor GmbH

Lux Tower, Linz

Another skyscraper to adorn the city of Linz: construction of the Lux Tower began at the end of 2016 on the site of the former Linz local train station. 126 condominiums were built in the 76-metre-high tower.

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Fotocredit: ATRIUMhaus - Raum für Ideen

Atriumhaus, Vorarlberg

It is noteworthy that the private property developer of what was the „least energy-efficient public building in Vorarlberg“, took on the former Lauterach city hall. The town hall was moved into a new building. The developer then stripped the structure down to its frame, added an additional storey and completely renovated it. For even more interior comfort, a PICHLER ventilation system is in place to cool the rooms in the summer and provide heat in the winter. more »

Fotocredit: Architekt Peter Larch - workspace architekten & 3D-Visualisierung expressiv

Residential Building Bienerstr., Innsbruck

PICHLER installed passive-house certified ventilation units in the residential complex in Innsbruck. Each apartment has an easy-to-use housing ventilation system, which is controlled by the LG 1000 and LG 2500 central ventilation units on the roof. The photovoltaic system on top of the building is used to operate the PICHLER ventilation units. more »

PopUp Dorms Aspern, Vienna Fotocredit: LANG consulting

PopUp Dorms Aspern, Vienna

PICHLER brings clever housing technology times four into the “mobile” “PopUp – GreenFlexStudios” student residence in the Aspern “lakeside town”. The new PKOM4 heat pump combination devices are characterized by their four functions: ventilation, heating, cooling, and hot water processing. Super-compact and super-efficient. Completely in step with the times.

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WHA Vögelebichl, Innsbruck Fotocredit: University of Innsbruck

Residential Building Vögelebichl, Innsbruck

In the “Vögelebichl” passive house complex at Innsbruck, with the passive house-certified LG 1000 ventilation unit, PICHLER applies a roof-integrated product innovation, a solution providing for energy efficiency at low cost. The innovation was designed in collaboration with the University of Innsbruck and the Innsbruck passive house institute.

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Kaisermühlenstrasse, Vienna

Kaisermühlenstrasse, Vienna

In the 22nd Viennese communal district in the Kaisermühlenstraße, one of the largest passive house complexes in Austria was established. In excellent collaboration with the planning office, the building physicist and the plant manufacturer, Pichler supplied the overall ventilation system for the passive house housing complex, which can definitely be named as showcase project. more »

O3 Olympic Village, Innsbruck Fotocredit: Neue Heimat Tirol

O3 Olympic Village, Innsbruck

On the occasion of the first holding of the Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG) at Innsbruck in 2012, the NEUE HEIMAT TIROL established a housing complex with 444 apartments in passive house standard on the Eugen barracks area at Innsbruck.

Residential Building Lodenareal, Innsbruck Fotocredit: Neue Heimat Tirol

Residential Building Lodenareal, Innsbruck

The Neue Heimat Tirol (New Home Tirol) has established 354 passive house rental apartments on the area of the former Tirol loden factory. When it was completed in 2009, the loden area represented the largest certified passive housing complex in Europe.

House of Energy, Kaufbeuren, Germany Fotocredit: Henrik Schipper

House of Energy, Kaufbeuren, Germany

At Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, the first Premium passive house of the world, the “House of Energy”, has been designed by the entrepreneur Markus Meyer with his company Airoptima. The “House of Energy” contains the two passive house-certified LG 250 and LG 500 Pichler ventilation units.

Austria‘s first certified passive house Fotocredit: LANG consulting

Austria‘s first certified passive house

The demands on Austria’s first certified passive house were: no more costs than a standard house, due consideration of ecological criteria, minimum technical apparatus and maximum economy. more »

Fotocredit: Jiri Cech

Single Family House Czechia

Classical single family house built in pleasant cooperation of investor, designer (Jiri Cech) and craftspersons (Pro-mart and Evora CZ, s.r.o.).
It combines a classical saddle roof with a modern look and integrates a building automation system to improve the comfort of living and decrease energy requirements. more »

Fotocredit: Puaschitz

Residental building ZEIT:RAUM

The ZEIT:RAUM residential project lies in the midst of a dignified area with perfect infrastructure near the Wörthersee. With 52 built-in ventilation units
(LG 150) from PICHLER, the project has controlled domestic ventilation with heat recovery.

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WHA Korneuburg

WHA Hollabrunn

WHA Prinzersdorf

WHA Tulln

Elementary school Miklavz, Slowenien

Offices, banks & insurance companies

Vienna Airport Office Park Fotocredit: Vienna Airport | HNP-Architects

Vienna Airport Office Park

The Vienna Airport Office Park has been constructed following the principles of sustainability and taking the most recent findings of construction physiology into consideration. The air-conditioning systems and building technology meet maximum standards. The energy-saving ventilation concept including fire protection is based on various components from the PICHLER product range, ensuring pleasant air and more comfort in the office premises. more »

legero united campus, Feldkirchen near Graz Fotocredit: Dietrich|Untertrifaller Architekten

legero united campus, Feldkirchen near Graz

The legero united campus in Feldkirchen near Graz has been the new headquarters of legero united since January 2020. Sustainability was a key concern: sophisticated technology and the use of high quality, sustainable building materials characterize the design of the campus. The energy-efficient ventilation system from PICHLER quietly and continuously provides the campus with fresh air. more »

Hutchison Drei Austria

Hutchison Drei Austria

According to the motto „Eating brings people together“, the telecommunications company provides a modern canteen for its employees in its headquarters. The factory canteen ventilation, which permanently supplies fresh and clean air, is equipped with an energy-saving ventilation system designed by PICHLER. more »

Orbi Tower, Vienna Fotocredit: TownTown Infra GmbH

Orbi Tower, Vienna

The ORBI Tower ensures an ideal work-life balance. The building has a „wellness climate“ that prevents drafts and loud noises and equipment that actively promotes efficient and results-oriented work in flexible teams. The energy-saving ventilation concept is based on various components from the PICHLER product range, ensuring pleasant air and more comfort in the office premises. more »

Fotocredit: paul ott photografiert

Science Tower Smart City Graz

The 60 m high Science Tower was officially opened in 2017, around two and a half years after the start of construction. The building was intended to mark the start of - and a contribution to - overcoming the major challenges posed by digitisation and climate change. The interior spaces of the structure incorporate energy-saving PICHLER ventilation components providing fresh, clean air and maximum comfort. more »

HEADQUARTERS ÖAMTC, VIENNA Fotocredit: Toni Rappersberger


For the first time in the 120 years of the Club’s history, the ÖAMTC has bundled all of its member assistance and emergency services and a modern working environment for 800 employees into a single location. 27,000 square metres of floor space go to make up this innovative and functional meeting and service centre with an ingenious ventilation system. PICHLER components ensure effective fire protection and perfect interior climate control.

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DC Tower, Vienna Fotocredit: DC Towers / Michael Nagl

DC Tower, Vienna

In the Vienna DC Tower, a new development made by Pichler provides for high efficiency, conditioned outdoor air throughout the whole year, and optimized acoustics. This energy-efficient building posed exceptional requirements to the demand-based regulation of the air volume and the noise emissions involved.  more »

Fotocredit: Marija Kanizaj

Styria Media Center, Graz

With a total investment of approx. 60 million Euros, a building that houses a total of eleven office floors has been created at Grazer Gadollaplatz 1. The newly opened object is provided with an office tower of a height of 60 metres, a multimedia newsroom, a foyer for events with up to 240 visitors and offers workplaces for about 1200 persons. more »


Headquarters Institute AllergoSan

The impressive new headquarters of the AllergoSan institute opened on November 24, 2017, precisely one year after the foundation stone was laid. It was important to the company to create a positive working environment for its employees. A sophisticated acoustic concept ensures a quiet environment despite high levels of activity, and the rooms are ventilated and cooled in the summer evenly via ceiling elements – without drafts. more »

Telekom FG 20, Vienna

Telekom FG 20, Vienna

The administrative building Dampfschiffstraße, Wien

Vienna municipal State directorate Graz

Planning group Viereck Bürobox, Graz

UniCredit Leasing Tower, Graz


LOISIUM Wine & Spa Resort, Südsteiermark Fotocredit: Loisium Wine & Spa Resort

LOISIUM Wine & Spa Resort, Südsteiermark

The resort, designed by Architektur Consult ZT GmbH of Graz, comprises 102 rooms and suites as well as six apartments adjoining the hotel, offering visitors a haven from the hectic pace of everyday life. The Pichler ventilation system ensures well-being as well as the highest air quality. more »

Seeparkhotel Wörthersee, Klagenfurt

Seeparkhotel Wörthersee, Klagenfurt

The feel-good ambience, comfort for the hotel guest is also to be reflected by an optimum ventilation concept.

Sacher hotel, Vienna

Hotel Slovenjia I. Portorož, Slowenien

Schools and training centers

Primary school Thal, near Graz Fotocredit: Helge Sommer

Primary school Thal, near Graz

The completed primary school project is a true milestone for the market community in the Graz region. The new building will offer more than 1 700 m² of floor space, accommodating a gym hall and the associated wet areas and change room facilities, spacious storage areas and generously dimensioned classrooms and break areas. PICHLER ventilation units with heat recovery were installed to ensure comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climates in the sanitary, wet and change room areas. more »

Fotocredit: Lakeside Park, J. Puch

Lakeside Science & Technology Park

The so-called ”Building 11” with a total usable space of 8 000 m2 was completed in October 2015. Expectations are that around 2 500 people will by 2030 be researching, developing, working, teaching, learning and living in Lakeside Park. more »

Fotocredit: ARCH+MORE / Rasinger

Primary school Arnoldstein

The primary school Arnoldstein was fully renovated from June to September 2016 at a cost of € 1.3 million. The school rebuilding project covered a gross area of 4 464 m2 and was, thanks to its exemplary thermo-electrical renovation concept, supported by the Climate and Energy Fund in the amount of almost € 662 000. more »

Fotocredit: Markus Kaiser, Graz

Primary school Mariagrün Graz

The new primary school Mariagrün building was inaugurated in September 2014. The primary school is the first passive house standard school in Graz, boasting an A++ energy efficiency class. more »

St. Veit secondary school

St. Veit secondary school

The school building was modernized in line with a “Passive energy house standard”. For the classrooms, the group rooms, the conference rooms, the office rooms, and the gyms as well as the sanitary modules, centralized aeration systems were designed. The installation was carried out in the attics or on the flat roofs of the annex, in weatherproof design.

Kindergarden, Velden am Wörthersee, Foto ARCH+MORE ZT. Fotocredit: ARCH+MORE ZT

Kindergarden, Velden am Wörthersee

Good ambient air conditions are a prerequisite for creating a comfortable climate so that the playschool kids can learn new abilities in a playful way. At Velden, a showcase project for an extensive complete refurbishment of a kindergarten in passive house quality was established.

more »

The proffessional college Klagenfurt

Graz university

Military academy, Vienna Neustadt

Khevenhüller barracks, Klagenfurt

Event facilities

Festival Hall, Erl Fotocredit: Peter Kitzbichler

Festival Hall, Erl

This ultra-modern festival complex has been technically enhanced ever since completion. This included a state-of-the-art PICHLER ventilation system: quiet, energy-efficient, environmentally responsible and easy to operate. more »

007 Elements, Sölden Fotocredit: © Bergbahnen Sölden | Photograph: Christoph Nösig

007 Elements, Sölden

At the peak of Gaislachkogl, visitors can discover a one-of-akind highlight made to measure for film enthusiasts. In nine halls and chambers inside the mountain, covering 1300 m², and a huge 230 m² outdoor plaza 007 ELEMENTS presents a captivating composition. At 3048 m above sea level, PICHLER ventilation units supply the Museum with permafrost soil with fresh air.

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MuTh Vienna Boys Choir

MuTh Vienna Boys Choir

In the new concert hall, the Boys’ Choir for the first time has space to elaborate its children’s operas. Optimum acoustics conditions for the centrepiece of the building, the 400-seat concert hall. Because musical instruments only develop their sound if they are played in an acoustically suitable room.

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Loipersdorf thermal baths

Loipersdorf thermal baths

The in-house Thermenland Congress Center of the Loipersdorf Spa & Conference hotel is a great place for meetings or incentive events amidst one of the most beautiful sceneries of Austria.

Schönbrunn zoo, Vienna

MuseumsQuartier, Vienna

Magna Racino, Ebreichsdorf

Velden casino

The sport- and leisure centre, Strallegg

Spa & swimming pools

Narzissenbad (spa), Bad Aussee Fotocredit: Narzissen Bad Aussee / Christian Wöckinger

Narzissenbad, Bad Aussee

Since it was opened in December 2013, the Narzissenbad at Bad Aussee, which was planned by the company Schulz-Architektur, adds to the range of treatment and wellness facilities offered in this region. This spa and wellness resort contains energy-saving Pichler ventilation components providing for fresh, clean air and maximum comfort  more »

Grimming thermal baths, Bad Mitterndorf

Loipersdorf thermal baths

The thermal baths and well-being hotel, Bad Blumau

Golf- and thermal bath resort Bad Waltersdorf

Sport- and well-being baths Eggenberg

The spa therapy house Bad Tatzmannsdorf

Amade thermal baths Altenmarkt

Commerce & gastronomy

Interspar, Klagenfurt

Interspar, Klagenfurt

INTERSPAR is the largest subsidiary of the SPAR Group and is expanding its market leadership in Austria with the help of innovative architecture. The approach in planning and construction was to create a relaxed atmosphere in which customers want to linger. Numerous components from the PICHLER range ensure fresh air and more comfort in the shopping centre. more »

Seiersberg shopping centre, Graz

Atrio shopping centre, Villach

HOFER distribution centres and branches in Austria, Slovenia and Croatia

Interspar branches in Austria

IKEA, Graz and Klagenfurt

Rutar Center, Klagenfurt

Hypermarket Tuš, Kranj, Slowenien

GIGASPORT branches in Slovenia


Hirsch bracelets, Klagenfurt

Hirsch bracelets, Klagenfurt

Hardly any other Carinthian company looks back on such a rich and long-standing history as HIRSCH Armbänder GmbH: Founded in 1765, the family-owned company has been a watch bracelet manufacturer of international standing for decades. But the watches keep ticking.

When the company expanded its production site, implementing an energy-saving ventilation concept, it relied on three roof-integrated central ventilation units and a variety of components from the PICHLER range. more »

Silicon Metal Production Plant, Iceland Fotocredit: PCC BakkiSilicon hf.

Silicon Metal Production Plant, Iceland

In Iceland, one of the world’s most modern and most environmentally friendly production plant for silicon metal was established and commissioned in 2018.
The ventilation system of the state-of-the-art facility features multi-leaf dampers designed by PICHLER for pressure and volume flow variation of the air flows. more »

Landfill, Vienna

Landfill, Vienna

The department for waste management, road cleaning and transport fleet (MA 48) in Vienna takes care of an environmentally sound treatment of waste - the entire process chain including waste collection, thermal recycling and landfilling of the combustion residues is in the municipality’s hands. In the interior of the landfill, energy-saving PICHLER ventilation components provide for fresh and clean air. The individual components which complement each other are the key for an ecological, energy- and cost-efficient ventilation system.

more »

LKH (state hospital), Klagenfurt

Funder Isowood, St. Veit

Infineon, Villach

Lenzing AG, Österreich

Katastrophenhilfszentrum (emergency aid centre) Telfs

Hinterstoisser air base, Zeltweg

OMYA BEHEER B.V., AB Moerdi jk, Holland

Laquer and paint factory, Ljubljana, Slowenien